BT Sport are set to air a special one off documentary about Celtic’s seven in a row run and their quest to make ten in a row.

The documentary will air on Saturday night on BT Sport one at 6pm and will include in-depth interviews with Brendan Rodgers, Ronny Deila and Neil Lennon – the three men responsible for Celtic being at this point.

The show gets set to celebrate what and incredible run the hoops have been on and will look at the most significant games it took to make it to seventh heaven.

It’s a must watch for all Celtic supporters.


  1. Great newsa,can’t wait to see the documentary tomorrow night,i always thought that BT sports coverage,aided by Chris Sutton’s input,was far superior than Sky’s,and now they have gone and proved it to one and all.
    HAIL HAIL especially to BT sports.

  2. At last,there is at least one media giant willing to tell the story of the magnificent seven,with a full hour to regale us by Lenny………Ronny…….and Brendan……….Can’t wait to watch it……Hail Hail

  3. About time we got some recognition for these absolute excellent achievements from the mighty bhoys in green and also fair play to BT sport they actually give a fuck about our league where as they dicks at SKY are absolute bamsticks, I would love to see they bams crumble they are unbelievably so far up there ane bullshit overpaid and mega over rated league it’s embarrassing the money they are able to pump in to that league and the main point is they are shit scared to let us in it because in 5-6 years time it would be in paradise and the bastards know it , English scum. HH 10 in a row 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  4. Celtic achieved 9 In A Row,The Honourable Way.That Rancid Mob fae £broke avoided taxes had umpteen players etc on EBT,s.The only way they could get decent players to pull on that Ghastly Jersey.Cheated for Decades trying to better Celtic and it cost them,There Club Died.But dont believe the truth.Any Hun who says Same Club is DeLooDeid and living in LaLa Land.Every single Club that mb faced back then was cheated and robbed of an equal playing field.Scottish Football will Never Ever Forget,This….HunZz in positions of power at the SFA The lying King having cozy chats unofficially at Hunden.Five Way Secret Agreements.All facts and true as true can be.The most Corrupt (Clubs)Club in Football History..

  5. We dont care what the Animals say,Celtic Are Steam Rolling 10 In A Row.And there isnt a Thing Glib n Shameless can Do About It.Sevco,Simply Depressed,More Depressd than all the Rest.;)HfHPlease please please,Get shot of Armstrong


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