BT Sports presenter, Darrel Currie has come out on social media to back Neil Lennon today as the Irishman called out Scottish football and the wider community over the treatment he receives on a daily basis.

Currie who has regularly had Neil Lennon on the BT panel knows all about the former Celtic manager’s character and does not want to see him walk away from the Scottish game because the Irishman adds so much.

Neil Lennon expressed in no uncertain terms today, the abuse he continues to receive is racist as much as it is sectarian.

The Hibs boss refuses to stay silent on the issue and believes that’s one reason why he is targeted. He is a winner, a Catholic, a Celtic man and outspoken – everything a certain element of this country irrationally despises.

It’s good to see Darrell backing Neil Lennon when some in the game who should know better have tried to push the narrative that Neil brings it on himself.



  1. I’m getting a bit fed up with all this anti Lennon shit that its all because he’s an ex Celt, Northern Irish Catholic. There are and have been quite a few Northern Irish Catholic managers and none are having nor had the problems that he is having. Lets be honest, he’s confrontational and aggressive.

    • There have been many Northern Irish Catholics played in Scotland. Your right none have had the overt problems that Neil Lennon has. For one thing None of the other NI Catholics have had to listen to Sectarian, Anti Irish abuse for 90 minutes every other week in 9 of the grounds in Scotland.That is a big , big difference. How many of those NI Catholics played for NI but got death calls because they were Catholics ? As usual you are one of the ones in

      this country that refuse or are scared to acknowledge that there is an anti Catholic, anti Irish sentiment throughout Scotland , especially in football. Until the soup takers I assume like yourself accept it and stand up to it like Neil Lennon has done the better. If he was black, Asian, or Jewish there would be uproar and would not be seen as acceptable in any way.!

      • racism in Scotland? you must bè mistaken theirs no racism here this is a local place for local peepul we don’t have racism here 😟 and we don’t want any racism here either so you should go back home cause you won’t find any racism here this is a local place for local peepul we don’t want any of your kind here

  2. Disgrace how he is treated, getting no help from the authorities,civil or sport, and stupid ridiculous statements by some who should know better, but unfortunately it is the time we are now living in,he is not the one to blame it is the negativity of the ones in power or have an outlet publicly ,they should think twice before they open their gobs,!!!!

  3. Neil, has real spirit. He doesn’t walk away, unlike someone we know. He is a handful, but the guy has been abused several times. Take the dumbo at Tynecastle that assaulted him and got off NOT PROVEN. Now, again Tynecastle again and now it’s a missile. Close the club. the morons are running Hearts, and Budge is blagging her way around that it’s a family club. Aye sure. Ann your club is a disgusting example of sectarianism. Grow some steel and get the disgusting element out of the crowd.Let’s face it, your talk is cheap, act now and rid yourself of the morons.

  4. The scum who hate are represented in suits and businesses in the corporate world as well as the sports stadia.This country is anything but the modern country that the people in Edinburgh government proffess us to be.Scotland is polluted with bigots of which you won’t find in most countries

  5. Well done Darell Currie on having the courage to
    speak what most Presenters and TV pundits know.
    All running scared to speak the truth how sad.


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