NICOLA STURGEON delivered her statement to parliament on measures that will need to be reintroduced because of the new variant at play.

There was major concern there could have been a reintroduction to maximum capacities in football stadiums up and down the country.

If you’re a football fan, you’ll be glad to know the measures don’t go that far, for now.

It’s business as usual for supporters but the current situation and the call offs down south due to players contracting the virus should be a wake up call to Celtic and the rest of the clubs in Scotland.

We must be wary of this depleting ten squad through illness and isolation in the coming weeks and months. Protocols have to be tightened up to ensure the safety of the players and the supporters.

Celtic and Hibernian fans who have a ticket to the cup final on Sunday will breathe a sigh of relief they can still go.

Let’s hope we get over this latest setback as a country and push on.


  1. I do have a suspicion that hun nicola has plans for January 2nd though.
    She has handled us very differently than her handshake club across the city at every opportunity.
    This is a big one for her.

  2. Most Celtic fans I know in Ireland think Nicola Sturgeon is head and shoulders above any of her political opponents from the mainstream parties, especially the Tories and the Tory Lites lead by a hideous unionist Starmer, who would deny national self-determination not just to the Scottish people but to the Irish people as well. A viper that the vipers would abominate!

    • Spot on Vincent, most Celtic fans here in Scotland agree with you but there are quite a few bitter Unionists in our support who prefer to remain British.

      Some are so stupid they blame Nicola Sturgeon for the Offences against Football act when it was introduced years before she became FM.

      No educating some, imagine being on the same side as the Union flag waving peeple?

      • Totally agree Bunnet ….
        How anybody in the Celtic Support thinks Unionist is totally beyond me ….
        Might as well walk with the peepul on the 12th….

  3. Aye Vincent- She was head and shoulders above us all when she railroaded through the OBaF Act that saw our young folk loccked up and losing their futures.

    But still some held their noses and suppressed their vomut and co tinued to sing the praises.


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