Celtic captain Callum McGregor has given a positive update in regards to the facial injury he sustained against Alloa.

Fracturing his cheekbone in two places, many feared that the skipper would be out for an extended period. But thanks to advanced medical technology, Callum has been able to play through the injury wearing a protective mask.

He’s been wearing the mask for a couple of months now, but it’s not getting in the way of his top-class performances.

Speaking to the Herald, the Celtic captain revealed his injury is on the mend;

“I’m just trying to take it every day at a time. It’s been six plus weeks and feels much better than it did previously. I will just see how I go and get to a point where I don’t need it. Probably the first game I take it off someone will bang me in the jaw. That’s sod’s law!

“It’s been alright. It’s contoured to my face so the eye bits pretty much sit perfect on the eyes which takes out that peripheral problem.

“I was worried about that to begin with but I trained with it for a couple of days and was absolutely fine.”

It’s great that our captain has been able to play through his injury. Missing a key player like Callum McGregor would be devastating at this point in the season, with a title race on our hands and a semi-final against our foes to play.

Hopefully, his cheek continues to heal, and he’ll be able to take his mask off soon. Although, he will look different without it.


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