In Celtic’s 4-1 triumph over Hibernian, captain Callum McGregor delivered an assist that has become a talking point among fans.

The precision pass, which set up Oh Hyeon-gyu for his second goal of the match, was initially met with some debate over McGregor’s intent.

While some supporters initially thought McGregor was aiming for Luis Palma on the left wing, new footage has provided clarity on the situation.

This fresh perspective reveals that McGregor, rather than looking towards Palma, was actually focused on Oh’s movements, indicating a deliberate and skilful assist.

You can even see the South Korean striker, who won Man of the Match, show Calmac where he wants the ball played.

This revelation underscores McGregor’s exceptional awareness and vision on the field. His ability to read the game and anticipate his teammates’ positions is a testament to his experience and football intelligence.

He was playing further forward than he usually does, with Iwata holding. He excelled in the position and showed his quality in the advanced areas of the pitch.



  1. Yes but why question it on another subject that might save a players Celtic careerer Rodgers is telling mikey johnstone intensity that means tackling tracking back forest got away with it for years but supporters seen it and question his commitment against hibs there left fullback cut inside and had acres of space right up to yes from Celtic area cause mikey wouldn’t put a leg in in now if he wants to stay at Celtic he has to man up and fight for the ball look at maeda come on mikey look at hibs game


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