Shamrock Rovers have landed themselves a glamour tie in Europe against AC Millian tonight in Dublin in the second round of the Europa League qualifiers.

It is the game of a lifetime for some Rovers players but they’ll have to live out their dream in an empty stadium. The players will find it hard to ignore the Paddy Power adverts that have surfaced in certain stands in the ground. Zlatan has been propositioned to make a move to the local shopping centre.

Games in Scotland are still without fans at grounds and this was after the waters were tested last week at two games but the plug was pulled soon after. Clubs are demanding the Government get some kind of roadmap together so clubs can survive.

Next month Celtic host the first Glasgow derby of the season and if there are to be any spare spots in the stadium we propose the advertising space is filled by Paddy Power. They do have previous outside of Ibrox.


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