ROSENBORG have had to change their travel plans after being told they would not be able to land in Glasgow this afternoon due to high winds.

Storm Ali has hit the central belt of Scotland leaving flights, trains and ferries cancelled.

The Norweigan side were supposed to land in Glasgow early this afternoon but have had to rethink plans after getting the bad news.

Rosenborg are making their second trip to Celtic Park this season having already played the bhoys once in a Champions League qualifier earlier in the campaign.

They are now hoping to fly in the early evening, just a little over 24 hours before the game is scheduled to take place.

The plan for the club is now to head straight to Celtic Park in order to train before heading to their hotels.

The winds are set to die down overnight so the game itself doesn’t seem to be in any kind of jeopardy.

We wish Rosenborg a safe journey over.



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