CARDIFF CITY boss Neil Warnock has taken a swipe at Celtic during a radio interview.

Asked about the quality of Scottish football the Englishman made the most ludicrous of comments.

Warnock said: “Let’s be honest, it’s not as good as it once was. But Scottish football is on its way back. I mean, there’s only one team in Scotland – and that’s Rangers.”

We’re pretty certain he was at the wind up here but you never know! Maybe he wants a job at Ibrox.


Unfortunately for Neil, even if he did manage the Ibrox side he would find out there are only two teams in Scotland and Alan Brazil let him know who they are.

“There are two teams in Scotland – Celtic and Celtic reserves,” said Brazil.


  1. What a Muppet!! Hahahahahahahahaha! He is laughable! Idiot!. Well done big man for putting him in his place, yes Alan there are two teams in Glasgow Delicious and Celtic under 21s.Hail Hail

  2. Looks like he’s fishing for a job with the dead. He’s knows already if Cardiff go up he’s out, he’s knows he’s a second rate manager for a second rate league and would probably fit in with a second rate tribute act. Just another clown with a big mouth.
    Hail Hail

  3. These supposed experts/pundits, show their ignorance of football in Scotland, when a over the hill Warnock jibes at Scottish football. I wonder if he watched the Celtic v Man City games last season. Surely even this troglodyte saw the game. Then again, he was probably propped up in some bar, telling everyone how he won the European cup. Warnock… hapless fool.

  4. Who? Even dinosaur exhibits in museums think this man and his style is severely antiquated.

    So, in other words, he’d be perfect for the sevco job if they survive until the preseason.

  5. Poor “Colin” as the supporters of all clubs in England call him as his name is an anogram for Colin w****r


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