PETER MARTIN is not a journalist who usually hits out with rumours. He’s been around Scottish football for a long time and his latest tweet has us intrigued.

The PLZ Soccer man has claimed Celtic are seriously looking in to signing Kevin Nisbet in a cash plus Leigh Griffiths deal before the window closes.

Our Thoughts

Celtic fans were pushing for Nesbit coming in earlier in this window. Right now, we have Leigh, Ajeti, Eddy and Furuhashi.

There’s potential for another striker to join Celtic but could there be two in and two out?

If Edouard gets his move away it would clear the path for Celtic to bring in Giorgos Giakoumakis from Venlo. However, if the club manage to construct a deal with Hibernian then letting Leigh go to bring in Nesbit could suit all parties at this point.

Leigh signed a new one-year deal but hasn’t really been used since an online incident where he was sent home from Celtic’s training base in Wales.

There are fans who will still back him after all this time, but the sideshow involved in Leigh at Celtic should be enough for many to be content enough if he left in a deal like this.




  1. I do not think for a minute, that Peter Martin is trying to “goàd” Celtic fans, but why should we trust a man that changes his name from Maguire just to get a job reporting in the Scottish rags. And to work for tree mason bosses?? Peter, the soup kitchen is open! Turncoat!

  2. Anyone who still defends Griffiths has me baffled.
    This guy, in my eyes, has gone from hero to zero…and should be punted.
    His attitude stinks…and one thing’s for sure…Our new man won’t give him a second look.
    I actually “forecast” this ” Nesbit ” possibility a few weeks ago…and I think it would suit all parties if an agreement could be reached.
    Interesting times.

  3. “IF” we get the Greek boy in and we “IF” we can get a deal done for Nesbitt irrespective of what goes down with Griffiths then with having Abada and Kyogu already on the books we will have a forward line to terrify Europe never mind the Castle Greyskull walking dead and the rest of Scottish football

  4. Greek striker is almost a done deal. He offers something different from what we have. He will score and create a barrow load, let’s hope he signs. As for Griffiths he should never have got a new contract plain and simple as that.

  5. I do not know why anyone is throwing the dummy out the pram in defence of Griffiths,he done what he was paid to do,then when he thought he was immortal he screwed up big time and not once!
    He has no control over his own importance! He should have been punted months back!


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