The Celtic FC Shop twitter account burst into life this afternoon suddenly when a Celtic fan asked about the availability of playing cards.

Fairly innocuous you might say?

Well it would have been if not for 24 hours earlier dodgy Dave King compared Celtic’s finances and success to a ‘house of cards’ that will fold if the Ibrox side wins one league.

A joker at the top adds insult to injury!

Before we get anyone into trouble, there is a small chance whoever’s running the Celtic Shop account is unaware of the Ibrox man’s moon howling.

But they have made a customer out of us as we’ve bought five packs of cards this evening for the next CeltsAreHere office party!


  1. King isnt even Relevant in the Grand Scheme of our Domination of Scottish Football.The man should give his arse a rest,He talks abslute shit.He is just attempting to make out,Its a Celtic v Sevco Scenario.The Guy actually thinks Sevco are Liquidated Rangers.That in itself tells you just how much of a crackpot he really is.He is just trying to goad responses from Our Wonderful Club.He should be bloody Sectioned,Be Gone With Him..HH


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