It seems everyone and their uncle has an opinion on Daniel Arzani down under with former international player Robbie Slater coming out after Australia’s win against Kuwait to slam the midfielders move to Celtic.

Arzani’s signing has become a bit of a sideshow and a stick that some want to use to beat the Celtic manager with.

He came in after the World Cup, signing for Man City before coming to Celtic on-loan.

With the bags of potential that Arzani has, Rodgers has told the Celtic fans to be patient with the player’s development.

The Irishman pointed out the 19-year-old is yet to play a full 90-minute first-team game in his career.

However, that hasn’t stopped people from attacking Celtic for not using the player to this point.

English Born former Australia international turned commentator did not hold back when describing Arzani’s move.

“An obvious error to take him there,” Slater said on Fox Sports.

“After doing what he did at the World Cup he needed to go somewhere and play regularly. The mail is Brendan Rodgers won’t be starting him any time soon.

“Something’s gone wrong – very, very wrong there.”


  1. I lived in Sydney 6 years these clowns on fox and sbs are utter fools the only people on the planet the say “epl”!which they are obsessed with great country only problem is the thick Aussies I lived out west in the suburbs a few years so saw the real “aussie aussies”! I am telling you they are about as bright as 2 in the morning and total clowns mostly. I detest international football wish our club stop giving our players to these nations. On this player get rid he mutual be moaning non stop and poor big Tam having to listen to these thicko Australias a country most of or forefathers built for them!!Hail Haii


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