CELTIC have agreed to enter a six team cross border competition with their developmental side after the club pulled out of the Reserve league at the end of last season.

The bhoys were not alone with many clubs not happy with the new setup of the league and decided to ditch it.

Now the developmental side are in a predicament when it comes to getting game time. Celtic have been looking for ways to give their young star’s some meaningful game time and it appears they’ve found something here with this cross border competition.

In a Glasgow Cup format, there will be six teams:

Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Gers, Huddersfield and Brentford.

All the teams will play each other twice before the top two play in a final to determine the winner. Clubs will field under 21 stars but will be allowed to field three first team players if they like and a goalkeeper on top of that according to RecordSport.

This could be the first competition of many with participants from north and south of the border playing against one another.


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