GORDON WADDELL has used his column in the Daily Record to slam former Celtic captain and current ambassador for the club Tom Boyd over his thoughts on referees in this country.

Tom Boyd spoke last week about bringing foreign referees into the Scottish game in order to have neutral referees. A comment that is perfectly legitimate when you hear former whistler Steve Conroy admits most high ranking Scottish officials are Ibrox fans.

However, Waddell insists the very notion Celtic are somehow mistreated or at least not allowed to have four penalties in a match that only warranted one is absurd.

Self-proclaimed Falkirk fan believes referees are poor but the bad decisions even themselves up. A lazy comment towards a guy who has both watched and played for Celtic throughout his life. Gordon knows best though, and apparently, Tom you’re an embarrassment.

“For an official ambassador of the club, what an embarrassment.

“The portrayal of Celtic as permanent victims is an image that will be scoffed at by fans of every diddy club in the country who ever played them and watched them get every ‘big club’ decision going.”

Think Tom will lose any sleep over this?


  1. All too predictable response from Waddell. Operation “even up the score,” is now in effect. Watch Celtic get a few favourable decisions over the next few weeks. I hope our players are wise to this.

  2. Falkirk, aye sure, that’s spelled S E V C O. Aye everybody is wrong except waddle. Is nobody allowed an opinion except the fat controller at the mail. How about a fellow professional sniping at other managers, and players, fat bay Boyd. Now there’s a fecking embarrassment if ever there was one. Idiots like waddle are doing the lodges work for his masters at Mount Florida. Easy to pick on Celtic. Tom Boyd is a truthful guy with an honest opinion, something in your world waddle you rarely meet. Hun!

  3. Every time someone from Celtic make an honest comment they are criticised.
    It is time these so called sport writers delve into
    what is really happening in Scottish football instead
    of being a mouth piece for their employers,who are out
    to get Celtic and their fans at every opportunity.


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