VINCENT KOMPANY completed a Global MBA in 2017 and believes he now has all the tools to be a success in business after his football career is over.

The Manchester City man has had his trials and tribulations dipping his toes in outside ventures over the years. Once losing £2million opening up bars in Belgium where the defender admits his lack of preparation and naivety bested him at the time.

Now he’s completed his MBA the Belgian believes he can make a success of things when he hangs up his boots and believes business can take a lot from sport.

The Premier League stars dissertation looked at the link between home form and atmosphere in a stadium and two clubs came to the forefront of this.

Taken from the financial times: ‘Kompany’s final dissertation could also help businesses, he says. He examined the link between home form and the atmosphere in a stadium. He asked top players around Europe at which grounds they performed well as home players and which intimidated them as away players. The same venues came up time and again for a good atmosphere, including Dortmund, home to Europe’s tallest football terrace, and Celtic Park in Glasgow. He says these clubs had cheaper tickets and a close relationship with their city and the fans. Few were in the Premier League, he notes. Business could learn how to create a “fortress” in their institution that rallies people to a “common purpose”.’

Kompany has a unique perspective on this that many outside of football looking in wouldn’t be able to see so clearly.

You could even argue that his side were caught out yesterday evening by a cauldron of atmosphere at Liverpool – another place where the club seems close to its community.

You can read his full article in the Financial times 



  1. sound like he starts out with some weird theory and then sets about finding evidence to ‘prove’ it. No doubt Dortmund’s place and Celtic Park are very special venues, as is Anfield, but tickets there are not so cheap. And sadly it seems a while since Celtic fans were able to intimidate visiting Euro teams to the extent that the team capatisied with regular victories?. The emirates is lambasted for its ‘lack’ of atmosphere and high prices, yet Arsenal are heading to the EL semi final. The theory put forward by Kompany does not hold water for me.


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