Celtic AND Ibrox fans have united before today’s Glasgow Derby to give Sky Sports a piece of their mind after it was revealed they were only giving 15 minutes to the build up before today’s crunch semi final.

The broadcaster has come in for some heavy criticism since BT Sport has come on the scene and gave Scottish fans more bang for their buck with a prolonged build up and proper post match analysis.

Today they will only have 15 minutes to build up today’s game and as the tweet says below, half will most likely be ads.

BT Sports continuously promote the Scottish game where Sky treats it as an afterthought.


  1. Sadly on a worldwide scale, the Scottish game is now nowhere. Celtic have a large committed fanbase wherever there is a historic legacy of Irish or Irish Scottish immigration, but its a relatively small number in comparison to the uncommitted numbers who tune in to EPL games. Our support worldwide is still hardcore, based on legacy heritage and culture, for the EPL clubs it’s simply an adopted interest based on hype and marketing

    That’s all partly to do with the hype surrounding EPL games,

    But I agree BT is better. Far better

  2. BT is better for the celtic games
    Quite frankly i couldnae give a toss all i care about the day is smashing the huns into the ground !


  3. To be fair there’s not much they cam do to build the game up. We’re going to pump them for eternity. 15 minutes is about right therefore.

  4. Worth ever penny I paid to watch the geme. That’s was zero. Thanks to the person who streemed it. Fuc& you pie sports. Yae Robbin B’stards


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