FORMER Celtic striker Chris Sutton believes it’s almost inevitable Celtic will drop points in the coming weeks as they chase their 2nd consecutive title.

The pundit is full of praise for Celtic and Ange Postecoglou, but he believes even the best teams have an off day and that will come sooner rather than later.

Celtic are nine points clear at the top of the table and have only been beaten once this season. St Mirren caught Celtic cold on a night Ange decided to start rotating a bit more than he had done previously.

Writing in his RecordSport column, the BT Pundit revealed while he expects Celtic to drop points soon, he thinks they’ll get right back at it:

“Listen, I have no doubt that Celtic are going to slip up at some point in the coming weeks. It’s football, it just happens.

“There will be a day when they don’t fire. A red card goes against them or a ridiculous penalty is given to the opposition due to VAR.

“Or Postecoglou’s team don’t play at 100 per cent. It happens everywhere to all teams in all countries and it’ll happen to Celtic. When? I’ve no idea. But it will occur.

“But, just as they did when St Mirren beat them last September, chances are they’ll get straight back into top gear and begin reeling off wins again. They are not giving anyone a sniff.

“It’s remarkable and the challenge for Celtic is to keep the motivation and keep the hunger.

“As Postecoglou is building a squad to improve in next season’s Champions League, I’m not sure that is going to be any issue. Celtic’s work at the moment is astonishing. It’s not to be picked at and demeaned.

“It’s classy and to be admired. Not devalued.”

While we hope Chris is wrong and the bhoys can relentlessly march towards a second title in a row, we know this team is capable of handling adversity. They were seven points behind in the title race last season before going on to win the title.

It’s all about focus. VAR has become a wildcard when it comes to Celtic ties. The bhoys have been subject to some bizarre decisions in the league but have managed to overcome them to this point. As Chris says, it takes something stupid to happen for the league leaders to trip up.



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