In what has to be up there as one of the most bizarre interviews you’ll read this season, Snoop Dog has reiterated his love for Celtic and wants to see the bhoys lift the league title in May.

The rapper is just off an incredible set with some of the biggest names in Rap for the Superbowl half time show but when it comes to football, or soccer as the Americans call it, Celtic is ‘his’ team.

He told the Daily Record: “In Scotland, Celtic are my boys.

“This season they are back playing how we expect them to be and if they become Champions I will fly over to Glasgow to party with the players.

“The night in Glasgow will be on Snoop and you better believe if we are celebrating them being Champions, it’s gonna be a hell of a night.”

He added: “Glasgow is a crazy city and I don’t need an excuse to visit one of my favourite places in Europe – but to come over and party with the Champions of Scotland would be special fo Schizzle.

“So Bhoys, don’t let me down and Snoop is gonna see you in May.”

There has been a picture doing the rounds on the internet for years of Snoop wearing a Celtic top and there have been a couple of instances over the years where the rapper has praised the club and the Celtic fans.

He has to be one of our most unlikely celeb supporters.

We do have a lot of celebrities who back the Hoops. Guys like Martin Compston, Rod Stewart, Billy Connoly, Kevin Bridges etc.

Celtic should maybe chance their arm and get Snoop over for a title celebration if the team did manage to win the league this season!


  1. Yea SD, we all know how to party. You can come over and see if you like a average Scottish boozer, filed with drunken Tim’s and rivers of pish to wade through, on your way to and fro from the bogs. But we ignore such stuff. As if the Celtic win the league, there may be a bit of a queue to get into Baird’s or the wee man’s. Your always welcome anytime.


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