OVERNIGHT reports in Brazil have claimed Celtic have made moves to land Fabricio Bruno according to the Brazilian news outlet Terra.

The 23-year-old centre back has been linked with a move away from his current club Cruzeiro and Celtic have come from seemingly nowhere to bid on the player.

The report loosely translated:

‘Despite needing financial contributions due to the crisis and many debts, Cruzeiro rejected a proposal from Celtic-ESC, by defender Fabrício Bruno, 23 years old. The information was initially given by GloboEsporte.com and confirmed by L !.

‘The proposal, of 3 million euros (about R $ 13.6 million) for 70% of its rights, which belong to Cruzeiro. Despite the refusal, there are no closed doors in the negotiations, being possible even a loan of the player, with the sale value fixed.’

Celtic are in the market for another centre-back with their options limited if both Ajer and Jullien were to come down with long term injuries.

Despite the link emerging, Celtic would have to be pretty certain they could land the player and get past all the red tape involved in bringing in a player from South America.

There’s more agents, and third parties involved in a lot of these deals and the lack of a European passport would make this an absolute headache.

Considering the link at the moment has only come from Brazil, there’s not too much in this at the moment but it’s interesting to see Celtic’s name crop up here.

Could Celtic jump over the hurdles involved, the lad could always be worth a punt but you never know what you’re going to get when you bring a player into a very different environment.




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