Ange Postecoglou has been in the door since July of this year and had to deal with a lot so far in his short Celtic tenure. Massive injuries, top players being sold and a chief executive that last just 72 days in the role.

Success is demanded at Celtic instantly. Fans can’t stand to see their rivals winning things and it’s all about what’s happening now instead of what needs to happen for the betterment of the team and the club.

Ben Darwin, co-founder Gain Line Analytics, has hit the nail on the head when it comes to what’s going on at Celtic and what needs to happen for the club to be a success.

It’s as straightforward as the club having a proper vision and what their end goal is for a certain period of time. That’s a simplistic way of putting it, but when you get into the nuance, it’s about the governance of the club and what the people at board level are all about.

“You need are a hiring process that is informed by what they actually want to do: do they want to win this year or next year? When we sit down with boards, we often ask them ‘why are you on this board?’” Darwin said as cited by RecordSport.

“Are you on the board so you can tell your friends that you’re on the board? Would you be prepared for this club to go backward for two years and for you to be a pariah, in order for it to be successful after you leave? That stuff is really important and will manifest what the outcomes are for the organisation over the long term.

“You need to have a singularity of vision. If the answer is to buy, then think of Manchester City: at least with them, you know what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to buy a title and reverse engineer cohesion.

“It’s when you have multiple agendas within governance that the real problems start. The club will look like that on the field. The recent games where Celtic didn’t have a striker on the bench are an exact manifestation of the governance scenario that has taken place. It’s a sh*tshow, therefore what Ange is living with is a s*tshow.

“Generally, as a manager, it’s very hard to overcome that. At some point, he either has to have strength of character to suffer through this and then hope that governance will sort itself out, or whatever happens above happens and eventually they’ll have to find someone else and it keeps going.”

“If they sacked Ange, it wouldn’t solve the problem.”

The board have been the aim of many Celtic fans when it comes to where we are at the moment. There’s been a lack of foresight and accountability – resting on our laurels and the notion we just have to stay that bit better than our rivals domestically to be a success.

It’s backfired tremendously and Ange is having to pick up the pieces while the board continue to take a scattergun approach.

Ange must get the time and the board must not hide behind the manager. They must get behind the manager.


  1. first off I do not believe anything I read in the daily ranger, secondly Ben who? He is an Australian rugby bod, so I would not take anything on board he says (with checking)


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