NEIL LENNON addressed the scenes he and his players faced after their shock cup exit on Sunday during his mid-week Europa League presser.

Some fans decided to protest the current regime after another woeful and soul-destroying performance which saw us knocked out of the League Cup.

Some took it too far but there were plenty of well meaning supporters at the ground who had seen enough and were not happy being fobbed off my the club through their cronies in the media.

The Celtic manager had remained silent since the scenes on Sunday but was naturally asked about his thoughts on what went on in the aftermath of the Ross County debacle.

“On the scenes on Sunday, we were disappointed and hurt. I understand the frustrations of the supporters. We are not in a great run at the minute. We are in agreement, we must do better and we have to do that with results and performances.” Lennon told CelticTV.

Many thought the loss would be the final straw for the Celtic manager but it appears Neil may be caught in between the fans and the board on this one. They clearly don’t want to be seen bowing to the sort of pressure they were put under on Sunday when, as we clearly saw, some people taking the protests too far.

There’s a narrative out there Neil Lennon might have already been sacked had the protest not happened. We’ll never know.

All the Celtic manager can do now is hope he FINALLY gets a response from his players.


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