Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou has urged his forward players to help out the struggling defence.

As quoted by the Daily Record, the 55-year old has called for the forward players to take advantage and improve going forward, to help out the struggling defence who have been exposed in the last couple of fixtures.

“We are just not getting the rewards for our play, and when that happens, you keep the opposition in the game.

“We get into so many good crossing areas, and the crosses ended up out of the touchline, so for me, it is probably the area we need to improve the most.

“At some point, the responsibility comes to those players to take the opportunities we are providing for them. At the moment, we are not doing that.

“Defensively, it is not like we have been put under pressure for periods in any of the games, but when you keep the opposition in the game, there is always a possibility from set-pieces or counter attacks.”

Under Postecoglou, the defence has come under heavy fair for the same mistakes in the last couple of games.

At the same time, the former Socceroos manager has a fair point about his forward players.

We have looked impressive during some periods of play, but so far, we have created nowhere near enough chances in those games, and if we do, the forwards have struggled to finish them off.

As a whole, it has been far from the ideal start that Postecoglou and Celtic fans would be looking for.

For months, fans have been complaining about the poor ability to prepare for this season. So it is time for the board to wake up and back the manager in order to give him the best possible chance to succeed.


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