An inevitable side effect of having such a top quality manager is he will be sought after regularly and especially when there’s a job opening in the English Premier League.

Since Brendan Rodgers walked into Celtic Park, there have been a lot of people reporting his exit. Leicester sacking their manager Claude Puel on Sunday morning meant that our manager was subject to a fresh media frenzy on his future and one he does not seem to welcome but also not wholly dismiss.

The Irishman has been coy with many links in the past while at Celtic and there’s no reason we should feel he’s going to leave, BUT this would appear to be the most credible link there has been and reports down south are convinced Leicester will try their luck at tempting Rodgers back down south.

One reporter claims the fee for Brendan Rodgers to leave his Celtic contract would be around £7.5million – chump change when you’re Leicester getting paid a lot of TV money to vegetate in the Premier League.

Celtic will not be too harassed by the speculation that seems to surround the Parkhead boss.

As Claude Puel found out, Leicester now has high expectations after winning the Premier League a few seasons back, and if they’re not challenging in the top six, there’s cause for dismissing the manager. Puel found it very tough going with Leicester languishing in the bottom half of the table. Would the English outfit wait on a new manager coming in and risk relegation or do they want to appoint someone right now?


  1. Just coz an Engerleish Super Dooper League Clubs come calling,Disnae mean Brendans offski.Its the Hun Media Wishing it Happens.Brendans here for Ten.And his name goes intae Celtic Folklore,HfH.Mon the HooPs Get It Done

  2. But they are not a BIG CLUB they are not a top six club and any manager could get the sack at any time at most clubs down south i would think if BR wants to move away from CELTIC then it would only be for CL club year in year out unless its all about how much money he can make,but two more seasons with Celtic will have the top six wanting him for sure….

  3. What a feckin joke
    £7.5 million are they having a laugh
    If they want to make this into a believable story they should try £30 million
    Even then it’s nonsense
    What part of 10 in a row can they muppets not understand
    Treble Treble and 10 in a row
    It’s cold in our shadow and its driving the mentally challenged totally insane


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