Celtic have just cut the number of hours the ticket office is opening but they’re about to feel the wrath of approximately 11,000 displaced Celts when they announce the criteria for a cup final ticket against The Rangers.

The club are set to show their hand with who will be eligible to buy the hottest ticket in town and from our experience – if you’re not on the HCTS and you haven’t been to all previous rounds – forget about it.

Even those who do meet the above criteria will likely be balloted as demand will outstrip supply of the cup final brief.

36,000 Celtic fans packed Hampden on a Saturday night against Hibernian to watch the bhoys ease their way into the final of the competition. However, because Hibernian didn’t take up anywhere near their full allocation it opened up the door for general sale tickets for Hoops fans.

With the tickets being a 50/50 split, there’s going to be a lot of disgruntled fans when the news drops.


  1. My friends and l struggle to get a ticket via a ballot however the Green Brigade does not seem to have any problems getting tickets. In fact they get the same area every game at Hamden. Given the money they have cost the club with the use of flares it was an ideal opportunity for Celtic to exclude them from the ballot. Warnings don’t seem to make an impression on them. Maybe exclusion from the cup final would make them think twice before using flares again.


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