CELTIC controlled the game and had a routine 3-0 win away to Hamilton on Saturday afternoon as the bhoys created some distance at the top of the table, for now at least.

Goals from Christie, Sinclair and a returning Griffiths made sure the three points came back to Celtic Park.

The game was a bit flat, especially in the second half but there was never really a contest between the two sets of teams.

Here are some talking points and observations.

  1. Christie continues to show his worth.
  2. Griffiths is back and he’s hungry for goals.
  3. Another shocking penalty claim turned down by an SPFL official – It’s really bad.
  4. Is Sinclair doing enough?
  5. Another clean sheet, can we keep a hold of Boyata and Benkovic for the rest of the season?

Celtic are on an upward trajectory and they now put their focus on Thursday night where they hope for an away win in the Europa League as they chase European football beyond Christmas.



  1. Poor Martin Canning, he has clowns like Gordon…Ziggy that is. What a total knob. His hands are all ove the opposition, first goal was due to his blinkered defending, chasing Eduard, ignoring McGregor….1 – 0. Another mug was Taiwo, again can’t keep their hands of a player in possession. Both booked!
    Don Robertson, denied Celtic a 2 minute penalty. Now, we beg referee’s to get some consistency, when it’s a pen. Robertson, did his pals at ipox a favour by denying Celtic the pen. A more blatent handball, you will not see, but Robertson ignores it. More points in his bid for a jacket at klan house!


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