CALLUM MCGREGOR missed a penalty in Tuesday’s Europa League group stage game. Luckily for him, the miss did not come back to haunt the team.

After the referee had pointed to the penalty spot, the Celtic captain headed straight to the ball and held it under his arm. After a quick VAR check, the skipper stepped forward but the poor penalty was saved by the Ferencvaros keeper.

“The penalty is one of those things, everyone misses them at some point in their career.

“I just need to try and put it behind me and try to score the next one.”


As the captain said, everyone misses from the spot – even the best in the world. He must now show a strong mentality if called to step up to the spot again.

Presumably though, Juranovic is the go-to penalty taker in the team. As when in Seville, the Croatian full-back nearly burst the net with his effort although it is worth nothing McGregor was sidelined due to injury.

There is no need to dwell on the miss, if Celtic had dropped points this would have been a completely different story.


  1. Ma granny would’ve made a better job , really amateur attempt, waist high plus keeper already going left b4 wee cal scuffed it


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