I love Champions League nights at Celtic Park!

We have a degree of luxury being able to already look forward to next season’s qualifiers and with Rodgers at the helm, we can be confident that no stone will be left unturned in the quest for qualification.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Brendan Rodgers has brought this side on leaps and bounds this season, not to mention the fact he is still in the process of building his squad. With that in mind I can’t help but feel optimistic and my mind begins to wander to our potential group stage opponents. I know it’s a bit premature but never too soon to start thinking about!

If the team reach the group stage of the Champions League again next season, I’m going to go against the grain here and say I’m not after massive glamour ties in a ‘group of death’. Let’s body swerve Barcelona, Bayern, Madrid etc.  Having just finished watching Leicester progress to the quarter-final of the tournament I can’t help but feel envious. No disrespect to the clubs that they defeated en route but other than Sevilla they’ve not came up against the elite. Porto are a team in transition and Club Brugge are no better than Celtic having seen their performances. Personally, I would like a group that we could qualify from, and then have a glamour tie in the knockouts. Not just because of the extra money that would generate but also the massive help it would give the clubs co-efficient.

So, if Celtic reach the groups this season, please let us have a manageable group. One that allows this team with tremendous potential a chance at progression into the knockouts because quite frankly, I’m sick of Barcelona.

Darren (@darren_k98)


  1. I am a BR fan too but one step at a time.It won’t be easy to qualify for the CL next season despite having him at the helm.I would settle for a place in the competition proper and the club pocketing circa.£30m again…regardless of who Celtic have to play.

  2. I say what you’ve said every year. I’m fed up of glamour ties that we have virtually no chance of winning. I almost didn’t buy group stage tickets this year as I’m fed up of playing Barcelona, Milan and benfica all the time. I want the bottom side form all three pots. I want 3 home wins and and an away win. I want to be the only Scottish side to win the group. I want the weakest side in the last 16.

  3. Me too. I hate this notion of ‘oh well might as well have glamour ties coz you aren’t going to win it’ That kind of defeatist mentality is rife. With lucky draws and powerful performances Celtic have every chance of making it to the last 8 or beyond. Leicester the case in point.

  4. Well said Derek i agree with everything you said sick of the sight of Barcelona a group
    like Leicester got would do nicely


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