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Celtic has been charged for the second game in a row by UEFA.

Charges against Celtic FC:

• Illicit banner – Art. 16 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations
• Kit infringement – Art. 62 (3) of UEFA Kit Regulations
• Stairways blocked – Art. 38 of UEFA Safety & Security Regulations

The GB banners from last night game have put the club in hot water, rightly or wrongly we’re back in the dock for a banner that really didn’t do anything other than getting the club reprimanded.

Kit infringement is to do with the bibs Celtic were wearing. This charge almost feels comical.

The third charge relates to our stairways being blocked, no clarification as to who was doing the blocking. Early reports indicate it could have been the police in attendance.

While some might rush to get on the GB bashing bandwagon we must point out that Celtic now have FIVE charges against their name in two games and only one of them is down to fan behaviour. The other four are petty, comical and bogus.

We will be covering fans thoughts on GB’s latest banners later on today. Keep a look out for it. It’s a very divisive issue.

This case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on 28 July 2017.


    • Haven’t the IRA been disbanded since the NI peace process. Technically no longer a paramilitary organisation. Who cares anyway, another joke of a fine and two days from now probably won’t even remember. We all knew this would end this way. Glad the we drawn Rosenberg BK, as far as I know they don’t have an issue with Catholic’s or celtic fans and have no planned marches of hate anytime soon. At last a game where we will be talking about football before and after. Bliss, Hail Hail…

      • Celtic fc were charged with 5 offences 1 concerning the green brigade the others were due to Celtic fc but the green brigade are an easytarget

  1. Also it works both ways wi their loyalist bigoted comments so I agree with Griffiths I think if I was getting grief I would retaliate as well especially the Buckie bottle if it had been bigger it could have done damage to griffs not good behaviour see what these eejits linfield get for their racist chants at sinclair and their missile throwing tae

    • Agree, Griffs was just about to take the corner kick, if by a split second he had taken one step forward he would have been hit. If you look at the footage it’s clear that he is just about to do that. So if the bottle had hit the player what then?

  2. The banners were clearly going to cause a fuss…I love the GB and what they bring to the stadium and to our games but what were they trying to prove with that banner? We are being indirectly dictated to by the opposition if we stoop to creating banners aimed at antagonising or pissing them off.
    Fcuk them , their ethos, their bonfires and their bigotry, but the GB are clearly clever enough to have made the point without infringing the rules.

    • Have to agree fully al, there are ways to get round the rules and also make a clear message and if done correct its even better because its legal.

  3. what is all the fuss about its Celtics colours come out of the dark ages there was not as much fuss when playing rangers .a small place in northern Ireland get over it

  4. Love the GB but we clearly need to have more class than that banner. The best way to wind them up was to humiliate them on the park with our football and show some class off the park.

  5. I would have started a riot if I had been Griffiths , an impulsive descision , I loved the banner but it left Celtic wide open right up there street , handed it to them on a plate , we are ruled by the handshake & on reflection the anti has been upped recently , petty yeah clearly this is how it is to be Celtic constant fight to be who we are , we have to continue to fight there fight of all sorts of unjust doings , when will our day come to simply go about being Celtic , there determined to get the club and fans excellent reputation tarnished , I also respect the GB and applaud there dedication to Celtic .

  6. The GB bring so much atmosphere to the game it would be a great shame to lose them. But the facts must be faced. Celtic are trying to promote the club as a modern and progressive club in difficult circumstances against teams who have far more money than we will ever have and this constant harking back to ancient colonial wars does neither side any favours. We all heard the chants of the Linfield supporters but in the final analysis are we any better than they are if engage them on their own terms or rise to their provocation? To outsiders we and they are just two sides of the same coin and it has nothing to do with football. Yet more fines will do Celtic FC no good at all and is that not meant to be who we are supporting?

  7. Cannot believe this at all season only started and bashing GB has begun god almighty all Celtic fans i know if between ages of 16/25 would be standing with GB have followed Celtic 63yrs and very proud of GB uefa are becoming a joke hope Celtic take them the whole road

  8. Uefa are a joke not much more can be said no trouble at the game by Celtic fans flying a couple off banners and they are up in arms just p… Of back to Europe and deal with the German fans that fight or Russian fans that fight every weekend .

  9. Leigh Griffiths should not have been booked in the first game. He was showing the referee what had been thrown at him. That is not time wasting. The referee’s number one priority at any game whether it be under 7’s friendly or the world cup final is the safety of the players and match officials.

    Celtic cannot appeal the yellow card. At no level can a yellow card be appealed. The referee can rescind it but that would mean admitting he was wrong and I can’t see him being big enough to admit that.

    Unfortunately, not for the first time LG has let his frustration and his temper get the better of him. I think he deserves a ban for inciting the opposition fans. I understand his frustration but no matter what their behaviour, it does not excuse his !!

    LG, you have scored a lot of goals for Celtic and we love you for it but you are 26 years old now. You are not 14 !! Time to grow up !!

    The BG, well, what can I say? They have quite frankly disgraced the club by lowering themselves to the level of the Linfield bigots. A really stupid idea to fly tricolours and paramilitary banners – that’s just inviting UEFA to hammer Celtic. Same as the Palestinian flag last season !! How long until you learn?

    The best way to deal with people like the Lingfield Bigots and their blood brothers over at ibrox is to show everyone, world wide that Celtic fans are above this sort of behaviour. That way the scum will be shown in their true colours and only they will get punished.

  10. Big Dave, as far as I could see, LG tied a football scarf to a goal post. Sport involves not just showing who has the best skills but also who has the greater aggression. The psychological battle in sport occurs off the field e.g. Mohamed Ali defeated all opponents long before they stepped in the ring and he mostly did it through belittling them with acts of bravado. Equally, the end of any battle ends with the victor gaining the right to parade their win and mock the opposing fans if they wish. Sport therefore is not for bleeding hearts who look at the world through rose tinted spectacles and think every word and every action by every person should be policed to the max in order to pretend we live in a world free of the aggressive elements of life. What LG did was an act of bravado, an act of rebellion, an act of showing he is not intimidated and indeed we as a football club, WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED! LG did not show frustration or anger at any point, in fact he showed great self control and as a so called Celtic fan, you should give our players, including LG a lot of credit! As for the Green Brigade and UEFA, I am afraid you need to wake the fuck up, politics and belief systems are completely ingrained in sport, just as they are in life and always will be. It is freedom of expression and sport in my opinion is a better place to express differences than say, have an actual fight or actual war. And why respect anything UEFA have to say? They are corrupt with politics and the idea that they want to police fans beliefs of any kind from the terraces because they do not want politics in sport is a complete joke. The only fans disgracing themselves are the ones who agree with UEFA and who bash the most loyal Celtic fans on the terraces. Those guys bring passion and that passion, like any passion comes from somewhere deep and ugly. It certainly does not come from bowing down to hypocritical UEFA rules! Displaying Irelands flag represents Celtics strong Irish history, why would anyone have a problem with that? Paramilitary banners and IRA chants or indeed support of Palestine might seem out of place but whether you or indeed the Celtic Board who released a statement on this like it, the fact is, such seldom expressions are often done in defence when under sectarian attack from those who wish to sing a very different vile version of our ancestors Irish history, e.g. the Sash and the famines over, go home. The GB are obviously highly political but for those who don’t understand them or who want to sound fashionably detached, sensible, and modern PC, they are just stupid and bigoted. Please dont confuse ancestral defence with hate or ignorance. Celtic fans don’t hate anyone and their songs are not technically sectarian songs. They do sing various political songs and who are UEFA or you to curtail that freedom of expression. You can choose to pretend that Irish political history did not happen or had no part in shaping the growth of Celtic Fc and you can choose not to take sides and act pretentiously above all that, I prefer to be honest.

  11. Woah now some are saying no tri colours at Celtic, you do remember Sir Bob Kelly fought for our right to fly the flag. It’s nothing bigoted at all remember the corruption of UEFA were dealing with an organisation that does absolutely nothing about racism from the stands in Russia and Italy nor indeed just last week in Belfast, worse than that our club has said nothing whatsoever about said incident either which is Shameful.I can see the point regarding the banner,but in my opinion the GB do much more good for the club (which the club has made a fair bit of capital out of)

  12. All these comments does not do our club or supporters any favours at the end of the day we are Celtic Supporters, The best Supporters in the world and yet we seem to all have a difference of opinion, Yes everyone has the right to say what they want, But we all do not have to agree with it., But we all agree that we want success and for our club to to continue, Winning The SPL Title and for us to be playing in the champions league every season were we belong, Look at Sevco Hurting like fuck and i am loving every second of it and long may it continue, We had years of hurt because of these cheating cunts, They should have been treated the same way as Gretna, But the powers that be would not let this happen [surprise surprise] Can I Please add the [GB] Bring so much to the game and have brought so much to our great club and every other Celtic Supporter have done their part also, So proud to be part of this great Celtic Family, also I Am so Proud Of Brendan Rodgers, His Coaching Staff and our Chairman Mr Peter Lawwell also All The Bhoys and everyone and everything Celtic, I also agree that our club getting penalised for trivial things and other clubs getting away with more serious stuff, Yet the powers that be just seem to like having a go at our great club and supporters, But do you know what our club are having success domestically and we are back were we belong playing against The Bigger Players & Bigger Clubs in some of the most fantastic stadiums in Europe, For this reason everyone seems to want to have a go at us, But do you know what we as Celtic Supporters have to stick together as one and the Bhoys, Brendan & Coaching Staff Keep On Doing and that is Playing Football The Glasgow Celtic Way, So Troops and Everyone Connected with Our Great Club, God Bless Each And Everyone Of You. You”ll Never Walk Alone Hail Hail


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