PETER LAWWELL was front and centre at the Amsterdam today as the ECA discussed the future of our European game. The organisation which was built to help protect and progress the European game as a representative for the clubs at this level met in Holland as they discussed change within the game.

Peter Lawwell has been on the ECA board since 2014 when 11 board members were elected to represent the interests of every European club.

While we will find out about what has been properly discussed in due course, it’s worth noting European football is coming to a crossroads with the bigger clubs looking to keep their stranglehold on the Champions League, making it difficult for clubs like Celtic to retain a regular seat at Europe’s top table.

This is where having our Chief Executive on the board surely gives us an edge along with some other influential players within the game.

With so much changing in football with respect to how the game is played, officiated and the competition rules etc the landscape of European football could look a lot different in 5-10 years time.

These meetings will help shape that future.


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