There was a lot of worry in the Celtic fanbase that Police Scotland had deployed undercover officers in an operation at Celtic Park on Wednesday, during the 3-1 win over Hearts.

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

However, JP Taylor, Celtic’s Supporters Liaison Officer, has confirmed on Twitter that those pictured were not working with Police Scotland at the match, and were, in fact, working with Glasgow City Council in the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

While their occupation may well be in the police, they were not at the match on behalf of Police Scotland, despite social media posts fearing that they were.

The safe standing section is required to be inspected three times a year by SAG, who can not make a decision on behalf of the council.

The Green Brigade have made their opinions clear on the policing of the North Curve very clear in recent matches, and have started highlighting the issue on the North Curve’s Twitter account.


  1. Why worry if you are not doing anything illegal it shouldn’t matter unless your one of those mindless thugs that set off fireworks and smoke bombs you annoy people and cause danger and harm think of the people with breathing difficulties thoughtless

  2. Exactly right Jack.
    They use Celtic as a vehicle for their antics. They have no interest in the game or Celtic only their own self-indulgent childish IRA obsession. Once that 12 year old got hit by a firework earlier in the season , that should have spelled the end for the GB inside CP, but the club, and the SLO who acts as an apologist for the GB, seem happy to allow the pathetic behaviour to continue. Meanwhile the real Celtic fans find it harder to concentrate on the team while the childish nonsense from the GB increases by the week

  3. Majority of “real fans too” are concerned for their health and safety. Bring on surveillance that will stop this illegal, dangerous pyrotechnic mania. You are a disgrace to our club.


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