There has been much anticipation around the new Celtic strip with the club having teamed up with Adidas.

This looks to have been ramped by clubs official social media accounts, as they confirmed fans will get their first glimpse of the long-awaited home kit tomorrow.

Despite many having seen the supposed leaked photos recently, there is still so much hype around this reveal, with many fans showing their excitement.

With the club also confirming last week that they had made record-breaking sales on this year’s training wear, which will be fully released on the 6th August, it is likely to be the same when it comes to the new home strip, that will bear the famous three stripes of Adidas.

This new kit could possibly be seen as an iconic one for years to come because of the history that the squad could create in it this season. So many will be desperate to get their hands on it as soon as they can.



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