Celtic Park will now be doon h spot checks for double vaccination passports from Tuesday onwards the club has announced.

The new rules coming in mean any crowd/venue hosting over 10k will have to adhere to plans set out by the Scottish Government

The Ferencvaros game on Tuesday afternoon will be the first time fans will experience the new set up.

There has been a lot of anger and outrage over the plans but Celtic must adhere to the new rules to keep Celtic Park open for business.

Season ticket holders who haven’t been double vaccinated and can’t get into the stadium will still be able to watch the games on the pass, we believe Celtic have this covered in their up to date terms and conditions.

However, it’s more complex with European games because Celtic can’t offer pass viewing for games owned by BT Sport – if anyone can’t go to the game because they’ve chosen not to be vaccinated – they should surely have recourse to obtain a refund.

We’ll be at Celtic Park on Tuesday afternoon and will report back how things go through the turnstiles.


  1. A pass for a trial ‘vaccine’ that does not prevent infection nor stop transmission.

    Absolutely ludicrous.

    But, it was never about health to begin with, was it.

    Matchday employees and volunteers are exempt though, as they cannot pass on the rebranded flu it would seem.

    • You seem to be as you keep replying.

      I’ll let you get back to work though champ, those shelves won’t stack themselves. . . . ..


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