CELTIC has confirmed this morning’s reports that Brendan Rodgers is in talks with Leicester. While the club cannot confirm any deal until it’s 100% done, the Celtic manager is set to leave the club.

The news broke around 8am this morning the manager was set to leave the club in shock circumstances.

Leicester was reportedly making a move but nobody could have foreseen Brendan taking his ball and leaving with some of the season still to go.

Celtic seem to have Neil Lennon waiting in the wings to take on the role on an interim basis once they know Brendan’s deal has been signed and he has become the Leicester boss.

Again, this is a developing story and we’re trying our best to keep up with everything that is happening.

Our facebook page suffered a ridiculous amount of vitriol when we broke the news to our followers this morning and a lot of people having trouble wrapping their heads around the situation.


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