Celtic have tonight made a very exciting announcement with regards to the women’s football team who have just gone full time.

They have appointed a new head coach who will lead the women into the historic new season and they’ve not messed about.

The club have signed former Premier League assistant manager Fran Alonso who has worked under both Ronald Koeman and Mauricio Pochettino in his career.

Recently, Fran has been managing the Lewes FC women’s team as of late but has jumped at the opportunity to become the first full time coach of the women’s team.

Celtic have been trailing in the women’s league for some time with the big guns Glasgow City and Hibernian ladies leading the way.

This is a real opportunity for the women’s team to challenge for honours and get the support behind them. Celtic are providing significant investment to make it happen.

Celtic wrote: Today’s announcement follows the hugely exciting news that Celtic’s women’s team has a new professional status with significant investment made by the club


  1. They should have just tossed the money in the fire.

    Who gives a flying fuck about womens football?

    They should get back to knitting and looking after children.

    The world is going to hell in a fucking handcart.

  2. Good good and all that but I wish they wouldn’t mess about when it comes to signing players for the men’s team it always seems to be a f*** about when it comes to us signing players sick of it already that’s how we miss out on players because we’re always wanting the better players but never want to pay the money it’s ridiculous and I think we’re all a bit tired of it now


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