Celtic have released a statement through a spokesperson this Hogmanay after a long list of accusations made against them by a classless Ibrox club.

The way the Ibrox club have dealt with things since they won at Celtic Park has been absolutely classless from their players to their manager and coaches then to their media spin department.

I’d say it’s an all time low for the Ibrox club but we know how low they’ve set the bar.

Celtic have come out this evening and noted the amount of unsavoury incidents they have been dealing with because of the away supports behaviour.

The club, who would usually keep this stuff in house and between clubs give some glimpses into the sort of stuff they were up against on the day. From vile songs, to missiles being thrown.

SunSport published the Celtic spokesperson’s comments:

“We are aware of a number of incidents from Sunday’s match including Celtic supporters being targeted with missiles from the away support, something which has unfortunately happened on numerous occasions previously.

“We are also aware of a number of other unsavoury incidents involving the away support, including sickening chants directed at our players and supporters.

“However, as we always do, Celtic will deal with these and all other incidents responsibly and in a dignified and professional manner and in a way which protects the greater good of the game.”

We all heard the vile chants, and the supporters in the stand next to the away support were taking cover at points. The club are right to stop this narrative that Celtic fans were to blame for anything going on at the game.

The petty and undignified way the Ibrox club have dealt with the aftermath is Trumpesque.


  1. Rangers are a classless club followed by a classless fanbase. Expect nothing but childishness from a side desperate enough to employ the likes of morelos.

  2. Just as long as we keep our Champions Title ,I’m not bothered ……but ,… hell will be unleashed if they nick it from us !
    Celtic please do any and everything to ensure we are on top !!!


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