Celtic are powerless at the moment as the talks continue over what will happen with the rest of the season.

RecordSport has reported major developments over the past 24 hours which could see Celtic named champions before the end of the week.



SPFLs top flight clubs had a meeting on Monday with FIVE clubs saying they want the league called as soon as possible due to not having the personnel to play Sumer football.

Aberdeen suggested holding off on a vote to end the season to see if the Government will end it for them.


The SFA and the Scottish Government are set for talks to discuss the viability of bringing this season back before UEFA’s deadline.

If the government say no then the league is likely to be called.


Regardless of the governments decision, another meeting will take place either Wednesday or Thursday between the SPFL clubs.

If there’s a vote then, RecordSport claim nine clubs could vote to end the season.

If it drags out anymore then the biggest deadline we have to hit is May 25. UEFA want to know the state of play with all leagues by that point.


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