Celtic could face an issue in February when Japan call-up players for their World Cup qualifiers.

There’s a chance one or more of our Japanese stars could be called up before the Glasgow Derby on February 2nd. Tom Rogic is also most likely to be called up to Australia.

It would leave Celtic very short. What are the chances of all of our Japanese players being called up and if they are what can Celtic do?

Dan Orlowitz, a Japanese based journalist, has shed some light on the situation by revealing there’s a chance none of them will be called up and it’ll all hinge on the government allowing the JFA to bring in players from overseas.

If overseas players do get the green light, Kyogo will 100% be called up. There’s a chance all four go but unlikely.

The qualifiers fall when the Glasgow derby is rescheduled in February.

However, SPFL rules state if Celtic have three or more first team players unavailable, they can request a postponement.

It’ll be interesting to see if Celtic take that route. Given they’ll likely be missing at least two of their top performers – they should seriously consider it.


  1. “…entitled to apply…” and “…may postpone…” are a very long way away from this ever actually happening, which it absolutely won’t.

    We are already in the ridiculous situation where 3 of Celtic’s final 15 games in a 38 game season are against Rangers. The governing body will not push the game any further back than it already is.

  2. Aye I agree-think there was talk of Sevco requesting a postponement due to African Cup call ups and the word was that this would be refused.
    Would seem ridiculous we would be granted a postponement due to signing 3 Japanese internationalists now knowing the circumstances

  3. I think the game should be cancelled if celtic haven’t got the players I am sure they can play it mid week or a Friday night or play it when they get a free week after the season finished on the very last weekend


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