SPORTSCENE will follow Match of the Day and will show an “amended format”, meaning Celtic’s highlights will be affected.

Sportsound’s coverage of Celtic’s trip to Tynecastle was cut short, with a podcast replacing the show at full-time.

It comes after Gary Lineker was shown the red card and forced to step back from presenting duties on Friday night. The BBC took the controversial action after the 62-year-old presenter compared the UK Government’s immigration policy to 1930s Germany.

The former Leicester striker is refusing to apologise for the matter, with the BBC stating they were forced to take action to maintain their impartiality.

Fellow pundits came out in support of Lineker, with former Celts Ian Wright and Dion Dublin stating they’d not participate in any BBC programme this weekend.

Sportscene will still be shown on BBC One and BBC Scotland and will include just the highlights, with no studio punditry or commentary.

A statement from the BBC reads:

“The BBC will only be able to bring limited sport programming this weekend and our schedules will be updated to reflect that.

“Sportscene will run this evening on BBC One Scotland and BBC Scotland, with an amended format similar to current plans for Match of the Day.

“Some of the Sportsound slot on Radio Scotland was replaced by pre-recorded material.

“We are sorry for these changes which we recognise will be disappointing for BBC sport fans.

We are working hard to resolve the situation and hope to do so soon.”


  1. Hopefully those who decided to back Lineker, along with Lineker himself will find themselves all sacked on Monday morning for not carrying out the terms of their contract.

    A tremendous opportunity for the BBC to rid themselves of these woke cretins.

    • People like you are the problem David, little education and duped by the odd slogan here and there. I wouldn’t be surprised to find you in George Square with a Ukraine flag sticking out of your arse.


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