CELTIC DAFT Wrestler, Joe Coffey has been preparing for his WWE UK Championship debut by fitting in as many Celtic-esk poses into his official WWE video as possible.

The former ICW Champion took his opportunity to do ‘The Broony’ and ‘The Lenny’ as he did his official photoshoot for World Wrestling Entertainment’s social media pages.

The wrestler first stretched his arms out to do the Broony followed by cupping his ears – a popular choice for Neil Lennon at Ibrox.

Anyone who follows Joe on social media knows how big of a Celtic fan he is and how he sometimes tries to sneak Celtic stuff into his wrestling repertoire.

On one occasion, fighting for Scottish promotion ICW he told the audience ‘ This is how it feels to be Coffey, champions again as you know’.

Joe was happy his Celtic celebrations made the final cut and is looking forward to the UK Championships next month at the Albert Hall in London.

I’m sure any Celtic fans who enjoy wrestling will be supporting Joe. Let’s see if he can fit any more in during that! W


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