CELTIC DEFENDER Jack Hendry has tonight rubbed salt in the wounds of England fans everywhere with a five-word tweet to absolutely destroy them.

Hendry must have been sick of all the rhetoric like many people outside the England bubble who were constantly hearing this unfounded sense of superiority.

Hendry is now a full Scottish international after his summer call up and I’m sure he will have pleased the tartan army with that tweet.

Croatia will now play France in the World Cup Final this Sunday, which is sure to be a cracker of a game.



  1. He should fuc king concern himself with learning to defend.

    He didn’t cover himself in glory last night in Yerevan.

  2. 4th place will maybe shut them up. Sick listening to “They think it’s all over well it is now”. WELL IT IS NOW. We might get some peace now.

  3. Thank fck,Thats Them Put in there Place.Was getting a bit like a broken fcking record.Engulundt this Engulungt That ffs,Cmon France…..And defo Cmon Belgium Intae Them..Well said Hendry….HfH

  4. The English always think they are the God ordained rulers of world football. Their derisory record suggests otherwise. Little 4 million pop Croatia spanked them with the stylish football they cannot emulate!!


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