CHRISTOPHER JULLIEN has told SunSport, sitting at home and watching ‘The Last Dance’ – a documentary about Michael Jordan has inspired him to chase more history with the Hoops.

The eight-part series focuses on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they go into their last season in 98′.

The intensity and passion of Michael Jordan during the documentary has many people talking with a wild array of characters around him.

Jullien has taken inspiration from the series and wants to get back on the field and continue Celtic’s quest for ten in a row.

The defender wants to be ruthless as the club look to make history.

 “I finished the documentary on Wednesday. It was amazing — one of the best ever.

“As a sportsman, I take a lot of inspiration from it and learn so much.

“You see Michael Jordan’s talent, how he plays the games, his focus and the way he brings all his team-mates with him.

“I love basketball and I also have the Kobe Bryant book in my house right now — the Mamba Mentality.

“It goes through his life and how he plays the game. Phil Jackson, the Bulls’ coach in Last Dance, features in it too.

“He also coached Kobe Bryant and says there are a lot of similarities between them.

“You can’t watch and read about world-class athletes like that without thinking about how you can improve your game.

“They are the basketball GOATs and if you can even take a little bit from their stories, it will help you.

“The sports are different but the mentality at Celtic has to be the same. We need to be ruthless.

“On the field, you almost have to be someone else. That’s how important mentality is.

“I remember when I first signed for Celtic that I was amazed at the mental strength of the players.

“I spoke to Callum McGregor and asked, ‘How can you stay at this level of success for so long?’

“To become champions is hard but to stay champions is even harder.

“Your opponents come stronger and stronger and you need to increase your own levels.

“What Celtic have done for the last nine years is incredible and I can’t wait for more.

“I don’t think the season just finished will be our ‘Last Dance’ at Celtic. Definitely.

“We are all determined to come back stronger and throw everything at winning the league again.”

Jullien played a big part in securing nine as well as scoring the winning goal in the League Cup. The Frenchman has settled in very well at the club.

It will be hard for the players sitting at home, waiting on the call but they have to stay focused and ready.

When the game finally restarts in Scotland, we’re hoping the bhoys will be at their best and hungrier than ever to bring home another league title.


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