Tom Boyd’s green tinted specs always amuse me every-time I watch Celtic TV. But he is spot on today when he calls out Bobby Madden. Tommy Boyd claimed the Gers fan/Referee needed to hang his head in shame after Edouard got scissor kicked inside the Dons box.

Aberdeen seem to be intent on making these kind of tackles the last few seasons on Celtic players. Scot Brown and Kieran Tierney have also been on the end of some dodgy tackles. If the officials are not protecting Celtic players then they are giving out a message that these tackles are ok.

To add insult to injury, Madden got on the Celtic’s physio case over taking too long to leave the field with Edouard. The French striker got back onto the park for a few more minutes but didn’t make it to half time. Edouard who had rattled the Aberdeen woodwork had to limp off injured and was replaced by Scot Sinclair.

It is not the first time Madden has enraged Celtic fans with his selective decision making. Tommy Boyd declared after the incident, “Bobby Madden clearly hates Celtic”. Hopefully Celtic can win this game in the second half and not have points dropped because of more poor officiating. Don’t be surprised to Madden getting a few more Celtic games to ref.


  1. What do you expect we know we are playing against 12 in nearly every game , unless we as a club call out this type of refereeing nowt will happen ,we are pissing against the wind in this,only way is to take a chance and get in front,

  2. Madden is a disgrace and firmly cements the fact the he is a total bun. You and the other referees are a disgrace to the profession of refereeing. How can the tackle on Eddie was a penalty, but Madden with his blue specs on couldn’t bring himself to give an honest award. In a close game he was obviously hoping for a draw to help his pals Ipox, by giving a real penalty would have put a different end to the game.

  3. Tommy is 100% right
    Open season on Celtic players
    If this keeps going we won’t have a team that can walk never mind win the league
    Sickening to see Bobby madden laughing while Broony protested
    Scottish football authorities are a feckin disgrace

  4. Still good enough to raise above this crud,deserved the win,which shows these assholes we can still win,irrespective of what you try to do,!!!!!!glad Sinclair got the goal ,superb bit of play,maybe that will give him a bit of confidence,hh.

  5. Look they all want us beat refs linesmen other managers and every player of every team we play it is now time to play hard but fair get stuck in and fight for the right to win games,we attack as one and defend as one we can do 8 bring in three or four new faces then 9 and 10 will come we can do this look we can beat every team when we are playing under par but the signs are there that we are starting to click and then go on a long winning run then its ours bring it home.


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