CELTIC came back to life yesterday in the most spectacular and devastating way possibly as they steam rolled a side they had struggled to beat just 11 days previous.

The bhoys have been under immense scrutiny since the start of the season.

With results and performances not being where they need to be it gave many people in the media some ammunition to try and unsettle the champions further.

For two seasons Celtic have been untouchable, so it’s gave some pleasure to the people who have had to sit idly by and watch the bhoys take everything in Scotland.

Talk of Rodgers wanting out, dressing room splits, secret meetings with Chinese officials and so much hysteria surrounding an upgrade to the lighting system – you name it, someone has had a pop.

The biggest thing which has been pedalled is the dressing room split. The Celtic players who have won titles and cups together are no longer on the same page.

Well this short clip blows all that out of the water.

During the six nil rout on Sunday a fan filmed the bhoys celebrating one of James Forrest’s four goals.

You can see what it means to the players.


  1. Just beyond a joke how all the media and all the teams we play week in week out will do anything they can to beat us even the refs they the media listen to the silly stories by has been players the news on the street today is Celtic are just as good as they where and they want pay back from the ones who opened there big mouths about our manager our players and our club,lets bring in three or four top men in January and get eight of the dead wood players moved out now or in January,lets show SG he is going need £25 million next season or a new team not to catch us just to try and hold on to us and we must show the rest of the managers that we are back and we are ruthless……….. Bring them all on we are ready and willing and ruthless…..

  2. Well said Jackie couldn’t a put it better Hail Hail let’s blow the lot of them away! Treble! TREBLE on the way! Celtic a true iconic worldwide club one like no other!!


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