We’ve seen some top class detective work before but the powers of deductions by @CelticByNumbers is top notch here.

Yesterday you may have read the comment by Erik Sviatchenko about how much pressure there is at Celtic and even if they win, it’s sometimes not enough, recalling a time when two strikers fought after a 1-0 win because it should have been three.

This lead to many speculating about who the strikers were with the easy go to being Dembele and Griffiths.

However, the stats man begs to disagree and managed to pinpoint a game where this was most likely to have happened and we think he may be spot on.

CelticByNumbers wrote: ‘Sviatchenko has appeared in eight 1-0 league wins.
7 of them under Rodgers.

‘I’m SPECULATING it wasn’t under Rodgers nor involved Dembele as it seems out of character.

‘That leaves 19th March a v Kilmarnock – The strikers were Griffiths and Colin Kazim-Richards. A plausible GUESS?

‘March 19th, 2016 – the game Rogic scores the wonder goal in the 90th minute. Griffiths had 6 shots 1 on target. CKR with 1 shot on target.’

Colin Kazim-Richards only spent half a season with Celtic before having his contract ripped up when Brendan Rodgers came in.

What a hit from Rogic!


  1. See the Media and HunBelievable Journos Still referring to Sevco as Somehow Relevant by insisting in the Tag (Old Firm)..The Old Firm Died in 2012 Along with that other Club from Govania.Kidding themselves on a Daily Basis Dirty Rancid Scumbags..HH


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