CELTIC DUO Odsonne Edouard and Boli Bolingoli both posted their support for a fellow professional on Sunday after Moussa Marega was subjected to alleged horrible racist chants from the stands.

Porto were away to Vitoria Guimaraes on Sunday night when the incident took place.

Margega has scored what would turn out to be the winning goal for Porto but when the chants became too much for the striker he tried to walk off the pitch.

What was disheartening was his teammates and manager trying to keep him on the field against his will. Marega was quite within his rights to leave the field and he should have been supported better by his colleagues. He was also treated to a yellow card by the referee which is absolutely crazy.

On the night, after images of Marega taking a stand against racists both Eddy and Boli posted their support on Instagram for the player.

There’s no room for these horrible incidents in the game. It’s quite disturbing to see this happen and for the player to receive little in the way of support. We hope Marega has shone a light on this problem which is not restricted to any one country. It’s a massive problem in football which shouldn’t be tolerated.


  1. Greg Taylor does not improve our team , to improve our team we need all our six players attack into the box area as one not four hanging about like a. Bad smell and all they have managed the whole is passed the ball sideways and back ways and never got back to defend, defence is a team game, as a win bonus is for all in a team. If there are six players in there box area why do we not have at leased 4 of ours in there box area they have to be side you so why not, you have chances in there you have none out side,

  2. Absoloutly disgusting the way that guy was treated by everyone not just the fans that were shouting the racist abuse what bout his team mates the other team and most important tly the ref booking the guy for that absoloutly disgracefull I’m ashamed to be a football fan today honestly his teammates should’ve walked with him instead of trying to get him to stay on the pitch actually pulling at him and shouting at him and shit man get it together for all the players and coaching staff to be reacting the way they did it must of been really bad shocking hail hail


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