The wait continues for Celtic fans after some woke up this morning expecting an early announcement from the club over the current managerial vacancy.

There was no real rumour around a Tuesday morning announcement and it was more wishful thinking than anything from supporters who have been battered from pillar to post this season.

The expectation Celtic might want to make an early morning stock exchange announcement declaring who the new man in charge will be has not materialised and that wait continues.

After being thumped in the Glasgow Derby, fans are looking at the club for direction and something to be positive about.

For whatever reason, we sit 70 odd days since Neil Lennon left the building and we’ve not announced who will be the man in charge next season.

Season ticket renewals need to go out shortly. Will the club send them out without a public plan in place or are we coming to the end of the waiting game?

Like the rest of this season, the board have remained silent and have gave us very little to go on.

Every week supports believe surely this can’t drag on any longer and again we’re saying it. Surely!


  1. ‘How long is a bit of string’. Usual Celtic suits reply. The Hoops need some much needed viagra and wonder vitamins now. Boot the shi7e out, replace, repeat. Sounds more like it. No not really it’s. ‘Be shi7e in all footballing cups, do not spend to improve, repeat.


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