This site has been a major proponent of Celtic players becoming a bit more street savvy and fight a bit more for each other.

Not to the point they should be collecting bookings, but players who will challenge ridiculous decisions by the referee and stick up for their teammates.

Earlier this season, we saw Callum McGregor get mowed down by Andy Halliday in what was a shocking tackle and red card decision. Not one Celtic player went near the referee to challenge his ridiculous decision to allow Halliday to continue.

There have been many other instances of Celtic players being too passive when things like this happen.

Anthony Ralston showed some fire during the Europa League tie against Ferencvaros when it appeared Kyogo had been kicked on the ground. The Celtic right-back marched over and got in the face of the opposition – pushing a player.

The defender got a yellow card for his troubles and we don’t want to see needless bookings, but we also don’t want to seem like a soft touch side.

We’re not a dirty team and I don’t want us to be. I do want Celtic to put pressure on officials and make them think about what they’re doing in certain situations.


  1. Ralston was very foolish getting involved and certainly for lifting his hands , was almost another Bitton situation and that could have resulted in red card and then we are severely handicapped

  2. It’s not a bad thing to clearly make feelings known when appropriate, but without resorting to use of the arms or whatever. If players can keep hands and arms by their sides in the penalty area, then the same principle applies when ‘speaking’ with opponents or refs.
    Being needlessly sent off can do serious damage to the team, and players have to be professional, especially in an environment where refs are just itching to undermine a Celtic performance.
    (PS Bolingoli take note!)

  3. In my opinion, players need to respect refereeing decisions, whether right or wrong! But to be punished for what in effect was someone defending his teammate is ridiculous. Anthony Ralston did nothing more than push away an opponent from a flashpoint situation, it wasn’t as if he lashed out or anything like that. Comparing it to Nir Bitton’s moment of madness is ludicrous!
    After such a great result we are debating this rather than rejoicing in that win.

  4. I agree it was handbags at most ,guy never touched Kyogo and Ref was on top of it instantly,Ralston should not have raised his hands.

  5. Ralston was right and yes Celtic players should be in the face of referees every single time . We are too passive and walk overs for friends of Halliday

  6. Ralston was standing up for Kyogo. It needs to happen more often. Other teams put pressure on referees. We should do the same, within reason, of course.

    • We don’t “stand up” for team mates by lifting our hands, not unless of course we’re OK with risking weakening the team. It’s not rocket science, just a simple case of being streetwise to the reality.

  7. Ralston did a good job telling him off look we are a team we defend and attack as one and we will stick up for each other we are growing together and we will keep adding some gems and move others on as the seasons pass by but most of all we will be a team of players that are happy to show of there skills and happy with the other players in the team and we will never roll over and lay down we will play hard but fair for each other…


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