Tom English claims to be a football journalist but going by many of his tweets and ‘hot takes’ on our game, it’s clear to see his shock jock side wins out over rational and well researched information.

Celtic fans have been taking the pundit to task all day over his attempt to undermine Eddie Howe before he’s even in the door at Celtic Park.

One fan took it a step further and absolutely smashed Tom’s comments to pieces. It’s so good, we had to share!

Stephen continued:

Bournemouth actually spent over £250m in Howe’s time in charge.

£8m of this was prior to them being promoted to the Premier. Considerably less than Brentford have spent to get to the play offs, albeit they are a smart club who trade well.

Still talking to you @TEnglishSport

Bournemouth’s net spend to stay 5 seasons in the Premier was £177m.

It wasn’t enough to keep them up.

Hope you’re still paying attention @TEnglishSport

Now @TEnglishSport states that they spent £140m on their team, those figures don’t add up.

Of the money that Howe spent £24m was on 4 players who left this summer, and played no part in their championship campaign. They were sold for £84m, incidentally.

Now I don’t think that @TEnglishSport is anti Celtic, or anti Rangers.

I just think he’s a very poor journalist who’d rather make snide and flippant remarks than do his job properly and present a proper critical analysis.

If he doesn’t rate Eddie Howe, that’s fine.

But @TEnglishSport , do your job, ask @BBCSportScot to pay for a researcher, or spend 15 mins doing it yourself.

Otherwise, perhaps just stick to rugby.



I’d suggest Tom will be walking awkwardly for weeks after this Twitter retort.

It does speak to a bigger issue in our mainstream media. We have so many journalists happy to spout utter nonsense without doing the work.

It’s why we’ve been a proponent of Celtic fan media having more of a say and why the club should open themselves up to sites and podcasts as we go forward.

Our interactions with the club as of late have been very positive and they, along with Dom McKay want to become more transparent and more accessible for Celtic fans.

The more information and content we can provide to our audience, the less relevant guys like Tom become. Or they simply must up their game as a result.



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