A Celtic fan managed to get onto ‘RANGERS RADIO’ in the aftermath of Celtic’s win over their Glasgow rivals on Sunday to lend the primitive pair a prediction for the next two and a half years.

However, it didn’t seem to go down too well with the archaic, quintessential flabbergasted bears who chanted ‘Fenian b*****d’ at him and then in a bizarre twist told the caller his number would be passed to the ‘relevant authorities’ – the prank call department of Police Scotland?

Have a listen

The Celtic fan is clearly at the wind-up and then is subjected to the default position from the caveman who hurl sectarian abuse towards him.

Who knew there was such a thing as ‘Rangers Radio’ – Tom the commentator has been bombed out big style with more zoomers among their support taking the mantle of the ridiculous form this “radio show” to Gers Fan TV who made themselves


  1. Short and sweet. It seems that the blue note is bare, Coz no brains in there. Even they are laughing at their prediciment. Maybe after TIAR they’ll have another jumble sale to assist Joe King.

  2. Fuckin typical you know what just sayin tae the wife last night how good it is with all this social media and aw that just thank fuck it wasent about when they cunts were doin their 9 in a row and somebody better send their address to the appropriate authorities and I don’t meam the polis deluded fools their all goin tae end up in a loony bin superb eh let’s all dae the broony hail hail

  3. They guys that run that channel and the tv one are an absolute joke its comedy gold they are an embarrassment to all the zombie fans and their club, and i love it.

  4. So , should the presenter who shouted ” fenian b@#*”*# ” at the caller not be reported to the same ” relevant people ” ? I’m pretty sure that’s sectarian abuse ?


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