HAYLEY MCQUEEN who hosts Scottish football on SKY is not the most popular person in Scottish football. The presenter and the Sky Sports presentation of the Scottish product in general, is pretty woeful.

The presenter also works on Sky Sports News and someone on social media took exception to her not being able to pronounce a top Basketball players name in a report and tweeted out about the gaff saying.

“F****** Hayley McQueen presenting on Sky Sports News can’t pronounce the top basketball players’ names.

“No interest in sport whatsoever get her to f***.”

McQueen had not pronounced the name of Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard. McQueen obviously had every right to reply to the criticism but the Celtic fan full of hatred line was quite something considering this was nothing remotely to do with Celtic.

“So I know nothing about sport because I mispronounced one basketball player’s name, you make me laugh.

“You are obviously perfect and not just some Celtic fan full of hatred.”

McQueen has had run-ins with Celtic fans before online and it would appear she has taken a disliking to the support.

Sky Sports will take over sole coverage of the Scottish game from not the upcoming season but the season after. Former BT Sports and Women’s World Cup presenter Eilidh Barbour has recently been signed to Sky Sports – she would be a breath of fresh air presenting Scottish football.


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