There will be no sign of sportsmanship at Ibrox on Sunday when Celtic come to town. The Ibrox club had the opportunity to give the newly crowned champions a guard of honour on their home turf but it won’t be happening.

The papers, the journalists and the Ibrox fans were adamant the Ibrox club were more than going to hold their own in the league this year and that’s before Celtic’s problems on and off the field. So does it not stand to reason that Celtic winning this league is a significant accomplishment to every single one of them which deserves to be applauded? Why wouldn’t they clap us onto the park? Probably for the same reason they cut the fans allocation – spite!

Anyway, a Celtic fan has come up with a way of at least one player getting a guard of honour at Ibrox on Sunday and we love the idea so much we want to help put it out into the universe.

Declan Kelly on Twitter wrote: ‘How F***ing amazing would it be if the Celtic Players walked out at Ibrox and just stopped and gave Broony a guard of honour.’

That has to be the best idea and most hilarious sh**housery that could possibly be concocted after the debate over a guard of honour. At which point Scott Brown starts walking like Conor McGregor onto the Ibrox turf.

It would be great to see the Celtic players acknowledge their captain after the title win. After all – Scott Brown won the league at Rugby Park!

We know some players read the site on occasion, so make it happen!


  1. It’s going to be utter bedlam anyway with several of their “players” determined to injure our players and put them out of the Cup Final.Who would want the likes of Halliday and Moerlos applauding you onto the pitch?….


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